GetGlue Passes 1M Users; 100M Data Points

Social recommendations app GetGlue has hit an important milestone today—1 million users and 100 million data points.

GetGlue allows users to check-in to their favorite shows, music, movies and books, and see what their friends are enjoying in real-time. With each check-in, users earn points and stickers from GetGlue and other major brands. The app also allows users to rate their favorite shows, movies, music and books and receive personalized suggestions. You can also share check-ins with your Twitter and Facebook friends, rate lists of popular shows, movies, music and books, receive weekly new releases and customized recommendations, and access existing reviews, clips and ratings for 20 million movies, books and albums.

The startup has reached 1 million users less than a year after hitting 500,000 users (GetGlue declined to reveal how many of its one million users are considered active). As for the 100 million data points, these represent likes, comments, check-ins and other connections between people and the entertainment they’ve consumed. The GetGlue network is now averaging over 1 check-in every second with as many as 10 check-ins per second during primetime. On an average day 500,000 new unique data points enter the GetGlue database.

During primetime, GetGlue is averaging 1 share per second to both Facebook and Twitter. The company says that 3 percent to 20 percent of Tweets about shows are coming from GetGlue. During the Oscars, GetGlue was the third most mentioned account on Twitter and 1/12 of the tweets that mentioned the word “Oscars” in the first 30 minutes of the telecast originated from GetGlue. Other shows have experienced similar stats, says GetGlue. For example, 10 percent of tweets during Californication’s season finale came from GetGlue.

GetGlue has formed a number of branded partnerships with well-known media companies, including HBO, Fox, Showtime, PBS, TwiT, and Universal Pictures. And the startup received a $6 million investment from Time Warner, Union Square Ventures and others last December.