YouTube Gets Into The Live Streaming Game, Albeit Carefully

Google’s online video giant YouTube this morning announced that it is getting into the live streaming business, a move that has long been rumored but hasn’t become a reality up until today.

In a blog post, the company says it is currently registering 2 billion views on a daily basis, and that they’re looking to complement their offering with live videos.

On, you can henceforth find videos that were not recorded in the past (perfect for concerts, sporting events, real-time interviews and whatnot).

YouTube has dabbled with live streaming events before, but never at this scale.

And thus, all of a sudden, YouTube becomes more of a threat to the likes of Ustream, Livestream, and Stickam.

Don’t expect YouTube to turn into Chatroulette just yet, however. YouTube Live will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools, but not for everyone, at least not yet.

The company is gradually rolling out the live streaming platform, which is still in beta, allowing only a number of existing YouTube partners with accounts “in good standing” to stream live content on the popular video site.

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YouTube hopes to expand the program to ‘thousands of partners’ in the next few months.

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