Pixable's Smart iPhone App Aggregates Photos From Facebook, Flickr, And Instagram

We’ve written about startup Pixable previously because of its sleek web photo creation and categorization tools. Earlier this year, the startup launched Photofeed, a Facebook app and companion iPad app which will sort and categorize your friends’ Facebook photos. Today, Pixable is bringing Photofeed to the iPhone, and adding Flickr and Instagram to the mix.

Founded by 3 MIT graduate students, Pixable’s service allows people to use of all their Facebook and image sharing site photo content like captions, tagging information, comments, and birthdays to make albums, slideshows, calendars and nor artwork. Pixable’s browser-based simplifies the creation of albums, making it easy to use for anyone. Pixable, which has raised $3 million in funding, even launched a nifty tool that allows you to make mosaics of your Facebook photos.

Photofeed for the iPhone aggregates photos from Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, just as it has done for its Facebook and iPad apps. The app allows you to browse, search and categorize all the photos in your Instagram and Flickr feeds and comments and like those images your Facebook friends have posted and will also sort photos into groups such as “top photos of the day,” and “Best of the month.”

What makes Photofeed unique is its Pandora-like technology that intelligently records what photos from which friends you click on or interact with more. As the app recognizes which friends’ photos you like, Photofeed will serve more photos to you from those friends or streams.

Additionally, the app serves push notifications alert users whenever their friends post new photo activity. Personally, I would find this feature annoying but co-founder Inaki Berenguer says that many users actively follow photo uploads from Facebook friends and Instagram feeds.

There are a plethora of photo sharing apps for you to choose from, including the newly debuted and controversial app Color. But Pixable’s app is designed to be an ideal way for to intelligently, and quickly browse your friends’ photos on the fly.