Pixable's Photofeed Sorts And Categorizes Your Facebook Photos

Pixable, a startup that allows you to create photo books and calendars from your pictures on the web, is launching a new Facebook app today, Photofeed, which will sort and categorize your friends Facebook photos.

Photofeed aims to act as a personal “photobot” scouring Facebook for the photos from your friends that you will find interesting. The app allows you to browse, search and categorize all the photos your Facebook friends have posted and will also sort photos into groups such as “top photos of the day,” and “Best of the month.”

The virtue of using Photofeed is that it supposedly acts as a Pandora for your Facebook photos. As you use the app more, it recognized which friends’ photos you like. Photofeed is available as a Facebook app as well as an individual web app on Pixable’s site. The startup also has an iPad version of Photofeed in the works.

Founded by 3 MIT graduate students, Pixable’s service allows people to use of all their Facebook and image sharing site photo content like captions, tagging information, comments, and birthdays to make albums, slidehows, calendars and nor artwork. Pixable’s browser-based simplifies the creation of albums, making it easy to use for anyone. Pixable even launched a nifty tool that allows you to make mosaics of your Facebook photos. The startup has raised $3 million from investors and has an advisory of notable entrepreneurrs including Ofoto founder and xMarks CEO James Joaquin.