Ever Wonder What Ansel Adams' Darkroom Looked Like?

This is an interesting video for anyone who’s ever done black and white photography. I’ve spent my fair share of time in the darkroom, but I wouldn’t say my technique is quite as refined as that of Ansel Adams. Whether you consider his photography wonderful or staid, timeless or out of date, you have to admit that he was a master of the process. This video from Silber Studios shows off his personal darkroom and the tools he used to make the prints we’re all so familiar with.

The twist? It’s really not much to look at! That doesn’t surprise me, really. A methodical photographer just needs a clear space, plenty of chemicals, and time. Ansel Adams was certainly methodical. I like that the enlarger is mounted horizontally, so you interact with the photo as it would be shown when it was done. I’ll have to try that if I ever find myself in possession of a darkroom.

[via F Stoppers and PetaPixel]