Flickr Dips Its Toes Into Social With Twitter And Facebook 'Share This' Features

Photo-sharing site Flickr, which has limitless potential in terms of the sheer number of photos stored on the service (over 5 billion at last count),  has made it easier for users to share their photos today with new Twitter and Facebook “Share This” features. A slight share interface re-vamp comes along with the new features.

While previously you could only share photostreams, groups, and sets from Flickr by sending an email, manually grabbing the link/code or on Blogger, users now have the option to post individual photos and everything else on Facebook and Twitter as well as on Tumblr via “Share This” drop down menu in the upper left of each photo.

The new features interestingly enough operate on different privacy levels: Logged-in users will be able to share private photos with their friends on Facebook, but only public content will be available for sharing via Twitter and Tumblr or for logged out users on Facebook.

Flickr, probably feeling the heat from mobile social photo services like Instagram and even Color, plans on bringing these features to their mobile apps and sites as soon as possible. Welcome to the party Flickr.