Zapd Creates Themed Websites Right From Your Phone

Tumblr and Posterous showed the world that making blogging simpler makes it more accessible. Both make also make it really easy to publish from your phone. Now Zapd, a new service from Seattle startup Pressplane, wants to take it one step further and let you create websites right from your phone.

Zapd is an iPhone app that lets you create a themed, well-designed, mobile-friendly website in 60 seconds. You pick a theme, snap a photo, add a caption, and if you want you can even write a little text (don’t strain yourself). When you publish the site or a new entry, you can share a short URL with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email. (You can also sign in with your Facebook ID). I tried it and it literally took me a few minutes to create these two sites, Seeking and The Truth.

“We’re trying to demonstrate a glimpse into the future of web publishing,” says CEO Kelly Smith. “It will start from your phone. Not the other way around.” All editing is done on the iPhone (although browser-based editing will come soon). The sites are optimized for tablet and phone browsers, supporting landscape mode and swiping templates. And you can change themes on the fly right from your phone. The app comes with a bunch to choose from.

Pressplane’s other product is Inkd, a graphic design marketplace for business cards, brochures, and other printed designs. The company raised $1.7 million in 2008 and more recently another $400,000 to launch Zapd. Investors include Mika Salmi (formerly of MTV Networks and founder of Atom Entertainment), who is also the company’s new chairman, Mike Slade, and Zillow CEO Rich Barton.