Seattle Startup Elite Fund Stealth Project PressPlane (Updated)

PressPlane is a new Seattle startup coming out of the Curious Office incubator. I have no idea what it does but it seems like everyone who’s involved in startups in Seattle is in the know. Or at least I hope they are, because they just invested in the company.

They’ve announced a $1.7 million round of financing today that was led by Second Avenue Partners. And the list of individual investors is impressive: Mika Salmi (MTV President / AtomFilms founder), Rich Barton (Founder, Expedia / Zillow), Erik Blachford (former Expedia CEO), Andy Liu (BuddyTV), Alex Algard (Founder, Whitepages), Geoff Entress (Madrona), Andy Sack, Adrian Hanauer (MLS Soccer, Curious Office co-founder), John Cunningham and Dough Rowan (former Corbis CEO) all participated in the round.

What does PressPlane do? The site says “Making Your Business Life Easier” and asks you to sign up for the upcoming beta. Curious Office describes the company as a “buy and sell marketplace” like another of their startups, Imagekind (acquired by Cafepress earlier this year):

Unfortunately, I can’t say exactly what we are working on but I can say it is another “buy and sell content marketplace” like our last company (Imagekind) but more around designers and creative content serving businesses. We’re obviously not competing with our new Imagekind owners (CafePress) but we are able to take what we learned from Imagekind and apply much of it to this new initiative.

If you know more, tell us. Because I hate not knowing things. That’s a nice logo though.

Update: Thanks to a trusty reader, we now have an idea of what PressPlane may be up to. The company, says our tipster, is creating a way for small businesses to create professional marketing materials like brochures, one pagers, etc. So if you are a plumber, for example, you go to the plumber section, select one of the pre-made designs, add your own information and then get professional looking marketing materials. It sounds a bit like Brandoozie.

We’re also hearing Draper Fisher Jurvetson fought hard to be in the deal but weren’t allowed in over a board seat dispute.