Cute Pixelated Camera Decals For Your Wallz

The “z” in wallz is for “zany”!

I saw these little pixel-art cameras from Bill Brown a few weeks ago when they were making the rounds, but didn’t see much to them in the way of practical applications. I stand by that assessment. But now they’re available in physical form, as you can order a bunch of them as little wall decals. Are you, or do you know, a photographer with an interest in the twee and pixelated? Step right up.

There are a ton of cameras to choose from, though unfortunately they come in pre-selected packs, so you can’t just represent Nikon or what have you. That said, you can choose between 30 small (3-5″ wide) or 10 large (~9″ wide) — the sets cost $36 or $40 for the “medium format” large set.

Cute. Get your hipster photog significant other a set of these, they’ll love ’em.

[via PetaPixel]