Logitech Releases Their New Flagship 5.1 System, The Z906

All of us at CrunchGear can testify that Logitech makes solid audio gear. The Z623s are a good deal, the G35 headset is a monster, and Greg says he’s been using the Z5500 5.1 system happily for several years now. Well, Logitech’s new Z906 is meant to replace that last one: it’s a brand-new 500-watt 5.1 system selling for the totally reasonable price of $350 not quite as reasonable but still okay price of $400 (initial press release info was wrong).

To be honest, I doubt the sound is really much different from its predecessor. The new gear is nicer looking, though, and the remote and info display have been simplified. The subwoofer is 165 watts, each satellite has 67, and it’s got six channels of input (RCA, digital optical or coaxial, 3.5mm). It’ll handle Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS, and will virtualize 2-channel sound, though we all know that’s hit or miss. They’re THX-certified, but so’s your mom these days.

Greg’s going to be reviewing this guy as soon as it’s shipping (should be this month), so hang tight and we’ll let you know whether it’s worth spending your hard-earned GP on.