Day Zero iPad 2 Accessory Round-Up

The iPad 2 has arrived, and the accessory makers are all dropping their new gear as well. Sure, the new device might have debuted with a “magical” screen protector, but not everyone is into magic. Apple be turning people into sorcerers! In league with the fiend, be they!

Seriously, though. A ton of non-Apple accessories have come out today, and we didn’t want to fill our front page even more with Apple stuff, so I’ve collected the interesting ones here in this post. Thinking of buying an iPad 2? Check here to see if there’s anything you ought to add to your cart.

Targus case – $40

This guy is like a lot of the ones I reviewed for the original iPad over the holidays. It’s covered in unleather and the iPad can rotate freely between portrait and landscape. Pick yours up at Targus.

Booqpad – $50 (non-leather) $100 (leather)

Booq, maker of fine bags, has put out a new iPad case that has room for pen, notepad, business cards, and so on. Looks pretty practical if you don’t care about slimness. They even have different kinds of ruling for the notepad! But will Moleskine one-up them with more luxurious one? The black one ($50) is leatherette, the brown one real leather, and the beige one… something else.Booq stuff thataway.

Scosche foldIO P2 – $45

This is another traditional folio-style case. Leather effect outside, stands up on its own, has a couple grooves for standing at different angles. I don’t know, seems a little plain. But! Very compact. They’re not for sale yet but when they are, you’ll find them here.

Kensington Keyfolio and Keyfolio Bluetooth – $40 and $100

For some reason Kensington has decided to call their non-keyboard case the Keyfolio. Won’t that confuse people, since all your other Keyfolios come with keyboards? Well, Kensington?! They’re not answering. Ah well. I really liked the last Keyfolio iPad case, though it was expensive then, and it’s expensive now. If it’s the same thing, though, it’s very high quality and the keyboard is, well, usable. See my review here. In the meanwhile you can get case without the keyboard for only $40, which I think is a good deal. Available in April.

Kensington BlackBelt protector thing – $40

New iPad too thin for you? This handy rubber bumper will make it thicker! I know that picture makes it look like that’s an iPad 1, but it’s just an optical illusion. Snap out of it!

Kensington PowerBolt car charger – $25

It’s a car charger! There are lots of these. Scosche has one for cheaper. You can probably buy a generic one on Amazon for under ten bucks.

Scosche freeKEY water-resistant roll-up keyboard – $60

Not exactly new, but it works with iPad 2. You could get the Kensington Keyfolio vanilla and put this thing inside, just to make Kensington angry. Useful to have around. Whose idea was it to call their product “freaky”?

Secret iPad pocket in your tailored suit – priceless

Are you man enough to walk around with an iPad dragging down the left side of your suit jacket? I suspect not. Even the guy in the picture here is afraid he’s not quite living up to his secret pocket. Get yours customized at Mohan Tailors. Or just ask your mom to stitch an iPad-sized patch onto your coat.

There you have it. There are, of course, the official Apple accessories as well, and there will be a ton of sleeves and protectors from every brand out there. We’ll keep you updated on the interesting ones.