Pure Genius: The Dogbrella

If you have a dog, you likely know the dread that enters your heart when it comes time to walk the mutt and it’s pouring rain outside. Sure, you can bring an umbrella for yourself, or wear a hat, but when you bring the beast back in, it’s going to shake everywhere and drip on the floor and jump on the furniture, eugh!

Well get ready, because someone has solved this problem. Who? Hammacher Schlemmer, of course!

The Dogbrella is an upside-down umbrella, with a little hook for your leash. That’s pretty much it. Technically, you could use it as an umbrella for yourself by holding it upside-down, but the strange looks and necessity of emptying out the accumulated water every minute or so suggest this is primarily for your pet.

I love the dog’s expression. So dignified! He’s thinking “At last, the treatment I deserve. And I came up with this idea years ago, dolt. Walk! Walk, I say!”

[via Geekosystem and Geekologie]