Galaxy Tab 8.9" To Hit Next Week At CTIA?

If the Galaxy Tab 7″ is a little too small for your taste, but the 10″ is a bit too big, maybe I can interest the reader in the 8.9″ version? Rumors have been swirling that a version right between those guys might be coming soon, and this teaser on Samsung’s Facebook page seems to confirm it.

An 8.9″ version would be a significant size difference, as you can see here:

It would likely have most of the same specs as the 10.1 but probably not quite as well-built, perhaps opting for the (still solid) style of construction found on the 7″ version. Here’s hoping they lose that big silver disc off the back.

Also, why not call it the Galaxy Tab 9″, since it’s so close? Well, 9 sounds awfully close to 10, doesn’t it? 8.9 gets both 8 and 9 in there, which is nice when the next step down is a 7. Potentially very savvy, Samsung.