Sweet History Of QWERTY Poster With Dismantled Typewriter

Yes, it has only been a few weeks since the last time I posted a piece of art with an exploded typewriter on it. What can I say, I love these things and you must love them too.

This one is actually a poster, designed by Hyejung Bae, telling the story of QWERTY, from its origins in the 1800s to the mutations and new typing paradigms of the next century. It’s a bit too much type for my taste in a poster (typographical specimens get a pass on this), but the artful arrangement of the bits making up a traditional typewriter might look good on your wall.

If you scroll all the way down on the artist’s page, there are some pics of just how messy it is to take one of these things apart and photograph it. I’ve got a couple sitting around my apartment, but I think I’ll keep them in one piece for now.

[via NotCot]