Home-Built Force Feedback Machine Rocks And Rolls You While Playing Dyad

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/20277439 w=620&h=349]
It’s amazing what some people can cook up in their spare time. For some, it’s the great American novel. For others, it’s meth. For yet others it’s a full-size sit-in force feedback machine that’s designed around playing your trippy indie racing/shooter/puzzle game.

Yes, the creator of Dyad, a cool-looking game that will be shown at PAX East, has also constructed an enormous projector-chair-arcade cabinet that you sit in to play. It moves around and jolts you like those expensive racing game we’ve seen at CES and E3, but it’s totally home-made and uses sheets, cables, and plywood. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

[via Hack A Day]