TechCrunch's Laura Boychenko Infiltrates Google Ventures

We’re never happy when a TechCruncher leaves, but it’s always nice when they end up somewhere awesome and can feed us lots of confidential information. Ben Meyer at Facebook and Daniel Levine at Accel Partners, for example, send us weekly confidential updates from their companies.

Laura Boychenko, who has been with us since 2008, is working her last day at TechCrunch. On Monday she starts a new job at Google Ventures. And what Google doesn’t know is that we’re keeping Laura on our payroll, too, and we expect lots of inside information to be coming our way.

It’s the TechCrunch way.

Oh, just kidding. Everybody chill out.

But seriously, we’re all going to miss Laura. She’s the one we sent out to do irresponsible things like tear the wrapping off a Google Android statue to get first pictures, and Google security almost had her arrested for it. Luckily we still have MG to do that sort of thing, but still, she’ll be sorely missed.

Good luck at Google Ventures, Laura. They’re lucky to have you.