Android Froyo Sculpture Unveiled. Almost. And Google Security Was Called.

We’re as excited as everyone else about the release of Android 2.2, called Froyo. Like the previous Android releases (Cupcake, Donut, Eclair) it’s named for a dessert (frozen yogurt), and Google has put up a plastic sculpture outside their headquarters (here’s Eclair).

Last night we heard that the Froyo sculpture was up, so we sent TechCruncher Laura Boychenko, previously of Barnes & Noble fame, to the scene to get pictures.

Pictures we now have, but the sculpture is sadly still wrapped in saran wrap. Boychenko was instructed to remove the saran wrap to get a better picture, but she was stopped by diligent Googlers: “Some [Googlers] threatened to call security when I tried to unwrap the saran wrap.”

Update: Better pictures and a video below of what almost certainly is the Froyo before it was wrapped (thank you, Bulgarian commenter).