Huffington Post Unique Visitors Surge To 28 Million In January

Huffington Post, our soon to be sister site (assuming government clearance of the AOL acquisition goes through), had quite a January. Unique U.S. visitors surged to 28 million in January from 24.5 million in December, according to Comscore. They’re nearing half a billion monthly page views in the U.S. as well, up from 439 million in December.

Why the jump? The site was hovering around 22 million U.S. monthly visitors for most of last year. There was a small jump in December, then the January surge. And that’s despite the fact that a cobranded Yahoo/Huffington Post page deal ended at the end of 2010.

The Tucson shooting was a big factor, says Huffington Post. As well as the 13th Zodiac sign ridiculousness. We also note that Huffington Post is the third result on Bing for “sex,” and Comscore says it’s the second biggest search query traffic driver, after “Huffington Post.”

I’m thinking if they could just increase the font size on those front page headlines, traffic could increase even more. :-)