Nikon Makes New Coolpix Line Official

Hmm, these look familiar. Oh yes, they were leaked earlier today. Most of the info you want (prices, megapixels, lenses) is there, but there’s a bit of new info here as well.

Most of the new cameras have 640×480 LCDs, which is great; low-resolution LCDs have always bothered me, especially on perfectly good cameras. The L24 and S3100 don’t have ’em, I’m afraid.

The P300 is revealed to have a back-illuminated sensor, which helps with low light. Combined with the F/1.8 lens, this could be a pretty decent performer in low light.

The “nice” cameras (P500, P300, S9100, S6100) are coming out in March, the rest should be available later this month.

If you want more info, head over to Nikon’s press site. There are one, two, three press releases for you to read! Ah ah ah!