Verizon iPhone Release Gets Dated Down To The Hour

Nothing much to see here folks. Just a bunch of people drooling at the mouth over, to them, the most anticipated phone (ever) moving to a similar, but different network, their network. With tensions so tight, someone had to let people know down to the hour just when they should keep hitting their browser’s refresh button.

3AM. 3AM. Eastern time zone Friday Thursday February 3rd, that is. That is when everyone and their mother will crash Verizon’s website.

iPhone will go for $199 and $299 for the 16GB and 32GB respectively. Plans at big red start at $70 for 450 minutes and unlimited data. To tether, they want another $20! Highway robbery, Verizon. SMS charges are the same at 250 for $5 and unlimited for $20. What, you thought it’d be better and cheaper?