Nifty: Google's Elemental API Periodic Table

Google is a behemoth. They’re a behemoth with a massive amount of APIs that millions of developers use around the world to build millions of apps and services. There’s simply no good way to keep track of them all. But Google comes close with a pretty nifty way: a periodic table.

As you can see on this page, Google has a full periodic table built out showcasing their APIs and developer products as of January 2011.

Along the top are various categories that the APIs or products fall under. Included are: Mobile, Search, Gadgets, Data APIs, Social, Misc, Ads, Geo, Tools, and Chrome. Hovering over any of these will highlight the corresponding “elements” on the table below it. You can then click on any of the elements, and it will take you to the page dedicated to that API or product.

Again, nifty. And useful.