Predictably (And Idiotically), Russian Media Link Airport Bombing To Modern Warfare 2

I’ve run out of outrage to direct at the perpetrators of anti-video-game foolishness who pervade the media worldwide. The issue has been run down many times, by far more capable people than myself, perhaps most visibly in the furor surrounding Modern Warfare 2 and its “controversial” mission in which your character is forced to kill civilians in order to keep his cover intact. We weighed in at the time.

That particular teacup has a new tempest in it this week in the aftermath of the tragic airport bombing in Moscow, as Russia Today brings the game in as a potential cause for the event and training tool for terrorists, complete with absurd testimonials from “experts.” I think I’ll refrain from comment on how mind-blowingly ignorant and reactionary this “report” is. Discuss. Or, actually, no. Let’s not.