Minimalist Swiss Block-Clock Is Beautiful, Incredibly Expensive

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Why is it that the coolest things are always out of my price range? Wait, don’t answer that. Let me rephrase. Why is it that the coolest things are always way out of my price range?

Case in point: this amazing Swiss wall clock from illi, which beats the seconds with its little blocks, then opens up crazily to reveal the actual time whenever you ask it to.

But what’s even cooler than this blocky clock? The matching wristwatch:

So what can you expect to pay? Well, the wall clock is a mere 90,000 Swiss Francs, so with tax and exchange monsieur is probably going to clear $100K. Yeah, I told you it was up there. Not sure what the watch costs, but I guarantee you’re not going to get it for Casio prices. Or even BMW prices, really.

[via Luxist]

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