Fujifilm's Anti-Counterfeiting Watermarks Are Just Cool-Looking

If you’re a big manufacturer of media and components like Fujifilm or Sandisk, you need to make sure that products on the market are actually from your factories and not some knockoff that just copied your packaging. Counterfeits can be remarkably like the real thing (as any counterfeiter can tell you), and it’s a constant race between the thief and the thieved to be able to show proof that an item is the real thing.

Fujifilm’s latest countermeasure is a special kind of image printing process that controls light “at a nanometer level.” Well, yeah. If it were at a meter level, you’d be controlling MF radio waves, am I right? Hmm. Note to self: EM spectrum humor not appreciated here.

At any rate, these little labels are full color and can only be viewed through a special lens, as you can see in the video above. Now if a supplier gets a shipment of this or that Fujifilm part or product, they can be totally sure it’s the real thing as long as the label looks right — at least, until the counterfeiters catch up with this technique as well.

[via Technabob]