'The Social Network' Wins Golden Globe Awards For Best Picture, Screenplay, Director, Score

After being nominated for a number of awards at this year’s Golden Globe awards ceremony, ‘The Social Network’ nabbed Best Picture (in the drama category), Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), Score (Trent Reznor), and Director (David Fincher).

Those are all significant categories for the awards ceremony, with the movie garnering more awards from the Hollywood Foreign Press than most of the films nominated this year. Interestingly, Sorkin and the film’s producer Scott Rudin both thanked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in their acceptance speeches.

The movie had a fairly good Box Office run and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics.

The Golden Globes are known as an accurate reflection of what could come at the Oscars, so this is a big win for the movie, which was released by Sony Pictures. We’ll learn on January 25 if the movie will grab any Academy Award nominations

You can read our review of the movie here.

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Photo Credit/IMDB