PS3 Hacking Case Judge: Why Is This In My Courtroom

Just a little update on the Sony/George Hotz lawsuit. You know, the one where Sony tries to put the cat back in the bag. Well it turns out that their reason for filing suit in California is that YouTube, Twitter, and Paypal are all based on California. Wait, what?

See, Hotz allegedly received donations from Paypal (he denies it), and news of the hack was posted on Twitter and YouTube by fail0verflow. Are Sony’s lawyers smoking crack? Do you try a mugger at the mint where the money he stole was made? Fortunately, the honorable Judge Susan Illston felt this was indeed a bit of a stretch. If anything involving Google or Facebook could be brought to California, then potentially “the entire universe would be subject to my jurisdiction.” Nice gig if you can get it.

Sony then suggested the case should be tried in Federal court close to Sony’s American headquarters… because it says so in the PlayStation terms-of-service agreement. I’m not sure that’s binding, Sony, especially since Hotz obviously didn’t agree to those terms, and rendered the agreement null long ago.

Seriously, though, the trial will be delayed and possibly moved to Hotz’s home state, beautiful New Jersey. We’ll keep you posted, as the results of this case could actually be relevant to the end user.