Kids Design The Next Generation Of Cute Cars

This was just too cute to pass up. Honeywell and SAE have been running a program in which student teams (like, 10-year-olds) go through the process of researching and designing cars. I’m not sure what the program expected to come of this, but as I would have expected, we have a panda car, ladybug car, a tank… pretty much what you and I would have put together if we were doing this.

This one’s actually pretty cool:

I don’t really think any of these vehicles is going to make it into production, but it’s important to hook kids early into disciplines like design and engineering. These kids seem to enjoy it, and this international project let them have fun with it. The winners received “crystal awards and polo shirts,” which is more than I ever got for my macaroni art and fantasy vehicle drawings.

Check out the rest of the gallery (along with cute, awkward videos and written “proposals”) over at Honeywell’s site.