Kindle Comes To The Mac App Store, Already No. 5 Free App

Continuing its quest to be on every major computing platform, Kindle is now available as an app in the new Mac App Store. As the first ebook app in teh Mac App Store, it is already the fifth most downloaded free app.

Amazon is pursuing a “buy Once, Read Anywhere” strategy with the Kindle, with the idea that once you download a Kindle book, you should be able to continue reading it on any device. You can read a Kindle book on a Kindle, an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows PC, Windows Phone 7, and Mac. Kindle already launched Kindle for Mac last March, but this version is distributed through the Mac App Store which is part of the latest update to OS X.

The Kindle apps on the iPhone and iPad are also getting an update which gives users access to millions of free books, better image zoom, and the ability to download books in the background while you are doing something else.