Verizon iPhone Gets Fixed Antenna? [Video]

Not only do we AT&T iPhone 4 users have issues when “death-gripping” the antenna, we can’t even get service here at CES.

Verizon customers, pretty much the only people getting service here at CES, are most likely not going to have the death grip issue when Verizon gets the iPhone. Pictured here, we see possible changes to the frame that surrounds iPhone 4. All those little separators on the iPhone that Apple claimed “aren’t the problem,” have disappeared. Why would they disappear? Has Apple found a solution and are readying a recall? Not likely. Is this the Verizon iPhone? Most likely.

So, if you plan on coming to CES in 2012–possibly the last one–then you’ll likely be able to have an iPhone that gets service, no matter how you hold it.


[via 9to5mac]