Drunk TechCrunch Is Drunk. (Happy New Year!)

It’s New Year’s Eve and you know what that means — an adult beverage or two might be had by many people around the world this evening. That includes many TechCrunch staffers. And while drunk blogging is generally frowned upon, it would be interesting to see what the site would look like if everyone wrote while intoxicated. (Yes, yes, insert the NOT THAT DIFFERENT joke here.) Luckily, Zaraguza Digital has created a web app to allow us to see such a site without any of the risk (or the hangover).

Simply visit this link and start moving the slider along the bottom to set the blood alcohol level. Obviously, at 0.0, things look normal. At 0.5, things look fine for the most part with a few more typos. At about 1.5 to 2.0 things start getting fun. And clearly, our developers would be getting in on some hardcore drunk coding action as well.

In all seriousness though, thanks for reading TechCrunch this year and stay safe tonight. Happy New Year!

TC at 0.0

TC at 0.5

TC at 1.0

TC at 1.5

TC at 2.0

TC at 2.5

TC at 3.0

TC at 7.0