iPhone 4 And Accessories Top eBay's Most Wanted For 2010

In rather unsurprising news, the world’s most popular smartphone was the most popular item on eBay this year — or rather, it was likely the most popular search term. I suspect a vast majority of iPhone 4s were bought by more traditional means — but accessories like cases, headphones, and car kits thrive in the eBay environment.

The rest of the items seem to follow larger trends, but incredibly, only one item is shared with last year’s list: The Beatles.

Here’s the rest of the eBay “Top Shopped” items list.

1. iPhone 4
2. Barbie
3. Military jackets
4. Hot Wheels
5. iPad
6. World Cup
7. The Beatles
8. Silly Bandz
9. Alice in Wonderland
10. New Orleans Saints

iPhone 4 and related items totaled 1,634,674 sold. The runner up, Barbie, sold 1,178,909. And Hot Wheels, 748,140! Hell yeah, I love Hot Wheels. Good for them. And Barbie, I guess.