Mochi Media Fund Spreads $400,000 Across 20 Online Game Developers

In March of this year, Mochi Media announced that it had established a $10 million game developer fund in partnership with Shanda Games, which had just acquired the company for $80 million.

The company tells us that it has invested about $400,000 in 20 developers (or rather, developers teams) so far. The first three games of some of these developers are launching today, with another one hitting some time next week.

The first fund games to hit are Planetary Conflict, Toxers and Feed the King. The fourth game, Snow Fort, will be released soon.

The games will initially live only on, but Mochi Media will later use its MochiAds network to spread the game to thousands of other sites.

The Mochi GAME Developer Fund assists game development studios and independent game developers worldwide through sponsorship, licensing and publishing deals. The ones it has invested in to date are spread across South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

In almost all cases, the investment involve an upfront payment and additional payments based on meeting certain milestones.

Mochi Media claims to operate the world’s largest browser-based games network, with more than 140 million monthly active users and 15,000 games on nearly 40,000 publisher websites.