iMac And MacBook Pro Refreshes Coming In 1H 2011

Not exactly the most groundbreaking news, but reports from suppliers (as usual, on tap at Digitimes) indicate that Apple will be launching new MacBook Pros in the first half of 2011 (likely in April, like last time). They also suggest we’ll see a new size of iMac appear. Big? Small? Convertible? Well, probably not convertible.

The latest iMac refresh was just a spec bump, so we may actually see some changes to the design this time around. The size? I would say 24 inches, since that fits nicely between 21.5 and 27, but taking the middle road hasn’t always been Apple’s thing. They tend to start from the middle and work outwards. So I’m not sure.

The MBPs also got a spec bump this year, and Digitimes hears we’ll see some changes to the chassis. I get the feeling we’ll see some of whatever the iPad 2 has got going on. Let’s hope for a new webcam; Apple is way behind on that, and if they want to push Facetime they need to step up the hardware. And of course you’re going to get Lion on them. Digitimes mentions four models, though… 13, 15, and 17-inch make three, so what’s the fourth?

Looks like Apple will be messing with my bank account again. May’s going to be a hard month.