Twitter Gains Much-Needed Instagram Support And Full Songs From Rdio

For the past few months, probably something close to half of my tweets have been links that take you off of the site. My bad. But tonight I have good news! If you too are addicted to Instagram — which it seems about a quarter of the people I follow on Twitter are — you’ll no longer have to leave to view those pictures. Yes, New Twitter has expanded their right pane to include a number of new third party sites tonight, including the popular mobile photo sharing startup.

So who else is joining the pane?, Rdio, SlideShare, and Dipdive. These added to the ones that launched alongside New Twitter such as YouTube, Flickr, USTREAM, and more recently, iTunes, means that less and less, you’ll have to click away from With these additions, they now have over 20 content partners for the right-side pane. It’s becoming quite the platform itself.

And they’re not done yet. “In the next few months we’ll integrate with more content partners,” the company writes tonight on the Twitter Blog.

While Instagram is a much welcomed addition, Rdio is also an awesome one because it means users can share full-length songs for the first time on Twitter. You’ll recall that iTunes sharing only including song previews.