The Google Nexus "S": Because Samsung Doesn't Like Being No. 2

When rumors first broke about Google’s second Nexus phone it was referred to as the Nexus Two. That’s because even people inside Google called it that. And that was supposed to be the launch name.

Google launched the phone formally today, which is built by Samsung. Except they didn’t announce the “Nexus Two,” they announced the “Nexus S.” Our review of the Nexus S is here.

Why the change? When Google suggested “Nexus Two,” since it is the second Nexus phone, Samsung’s response was, according to a source, “We don’t like being number two.”

The original Nexus One was manufactured by HTC.

So they went with “S”, which fits with Samsung’s naming style for the Galaxy S, which the phone is based on. It stands for speed, or smart life, or smart phone, or something (we’ve gotten conflicting information on that).

Nexus S is cool by Samsung. Nexus Two? That’s just being second.