LinkedIn CEO On Why We Need More Than Facebook: Keg Stands

Today at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner took the stage to talk with host John Battelle. One question was about why we need LinkedIn in a world increasingly run by Facebook? Weiner had a two-word answer to that: keg stands.

Weiner noted that while Facebook is great for showing how we spend our time and expressing ourselves, most employers probably shouldn’t see all of your extracurricular activities. And you clearly wouldn’t want them to see that. Like keg stands.

But when Battelle asked if that meant LinkedIn was opposed to some sort of social hook-up with Facebook, Weiner said it would depend on the value. Currently, LinkedIn has a feature that ties it in closely to Twitter, but not for Facebook.

Weiner said that while LinkedIn is lumped into being a social network with Facebook, Twitter, and others, there are big differences between them. And plenty of room for all of them.

Weiner also had plenty of interesting stats to share.

[photo: flickr/mcclouds]