Barilliance: Dead-Simple eCommerce Site Personalization

It’s never been easier for non-programmers to launch and manage eCommerce sites. For most, the basic feature-set is well and plenty. But for those who want to push the envelope slightly with more sophisticated features like product recommendation, the daunting challenge of acquiring custom development is a deal-breaking deterrent.

Barilliance wants to change that with a suite of eCommerce personalization features which are as simple as things can get in terms of integration: Copy/Paste a snippet of JavaScript.

Barilliance offers four products that are designed to help sites increase sales and conversion rates through a personalized shopping experience for visitors:

  • Product recommendations – Similar in concept and styling to Amazon’s personalized product recommendations. These display cross-sells and up-sells.
  • Email personalization – Personalized product offers designed for integration within email marketing. Recommendations are based on the visitor’s activity on the e-commerce site.
  • Onsite behavioral targeting – Site owners can determine website content based on pre-defined visitor segments like traffic source, search terms, time of day, and loyalty.
  • Cart abandonment – Automated email campaigns for visitors who started but abandoned the checkout process.

The personalization can be enhanced for sites that implemented Facebook Connect. In such sites, Barilliance can target visitors based on profile data, for example, showing a customized ad for visitors that have a birthday soon. There’s also the ability to show a “Friends also liked…” indicator that trumps the generalized “People also liked…” indicator.

Obviously, these features require configuration and ongoing management, but the integration part—the copying and pasting of JS code—couldn’t be easier.

If the integration is that easy, how then does Barilliance integrate with the site’s product catalog? Well, they scrape. That’s right, they put scraping to good use and build a product catalog without requiring the site owner’s intervention.

Once the data is scarped and cookies are placed and analyzed, Barilliance starts fine tuning its product recommendation for the site in question—a process that takes 3-7 days. Barilliance co-founder, Ido Ariel, explained that’s typically when most sites notice an increase in conversion.

Pricing is tailored to each customer but generally involves a monthly fee that correlates to sales volume and page views.