New Kinect Bounties, And Now Macs Can Get In On It

What, you thought an open-source driver for the Kinect was the end of the fun and cash prizes? Nah. Since the Kinect has been cracked wide open, the good times are just beginning. I mean, if Microsoft doesn’t want to let us control our computers with that thing, you better believe someone else is going to make it happen.

But out of the goodness of their hearts? Well, probably in time, but a little pecuniary incentive always hurries things along. In this case, it’s two more $1000 bounties, these ones from Googler Matt Cutts.

The first thou goes to the person who makes the “coolest” open source implementation — game, app, whatever. The second goes to the person who makes development for the Kinect on Linux easiest.

Got some ideas? Got a Kinect? Check out the rest of the contest stuff here.

Plus! Kinect has been hacked to run on OS X, so all six of you who want to get a little more Microsoft in your Macs can do so. Check out the video: