AT&T Phones Are A Penny Each On Amazon Until Monday

If you’re due for a new contract with AT&T and don’t want an iPhone, I’d say Amazon has got a deal for you. They’re selling all their AT&T phones for a penny, including those brand new Windows Phone 7 Phone Series Mobile Phone handsets that everybody… well, some people are buying.

The selection isn’t the greatest I’ve ever seen — the Surround and Quantum were my least-favored of the WP7 launch handsets — but the price is right. A Blackberry Curve 8900 probably isn’t much of an investment for a two-year stretch, but it is a good phone.

You could get one of the really weird Motorola ones. No? Well I can’t help you then. You’ll have to decide for yourself. Head over to Amazon to check out the deals, which go until Monday the 15th.