Why Did Amazon Just Pull A Top-Selling Book? Oh, That's Right, It's A Pedophilia How-To

Less than an hour after it hit the Amazon Bestsellers list and the controversial topic of its existence made the Dr. Phil show as well as other mainstream media, it looks like Amazon has taken down the infamous pedofile how-to book. The link to buy The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure now results in the above 404 error and the book is no longer #96 on the Amazon Bestseller list replaced by Ken Follett’s A Dangerous Fortune.

You win, Internet.

Update: The book seems to be back up. And is now at #80 on the Amazon Bestseller list. And now it’s down again. And no longer in  the #80 slot.

Sheesh, this pedophile book is having more ups and downs than Chatroulette. And like Chatroulette, we’re guessing its days are numbered.

TechCrunch reader (and former Amazon intern) Sainath Mallidi has the following theory on why the book seems to be performing a disappearing/reappearing act.