New Entourage Pocket Edge: Same Device, Smaller Screens

We reviewed the Entourage Edge back in April; Scott was able to appreciate aspects of it I had dismissed out of hand, citing the “purpose” of e-readers. Of course, everyone has a different purpose in mind when they go in for a device like this, and it looks like enough Edges have been sold to justify a new model. The Pocket Edge is, as you might expect, a very similar device, but smaller and lighter, sporting 6″ and 7″ screens instead of 10″.

The smaller size might make it a more palatable e-reader, but it doesn’t look like the issues we pointed out earlier have been rectified: it still has no access to the Android Market (only “enTourage Systems’ application store and other third-party developer sites”), and although the smaller size might make gripping the thing easier, there is still the danger of accidental button presses on the far side when using it as a tablet.

Still, good for Entourage. They have a truly unique product in a market full of imitators, and that’s worth something.

The left screen is 800×600 and Wacom-enabled (though it isn’t said what version of e-ink it uses), and the right is 800×480 and resistive-touch. The rest of the details can be found here, and hopefully we’ll get to review this little guy.

[via The E-Book Reader; thanks, Nathan!]