Red Foundry Raises $1.1 Million To Help Create And Manage iOS Apps

Chicago-based mobile app development startup Red Foundry has raised $1.1 million in Series A funding from OCA Ventures and I2A Fund. Red Foundry, which is in private beta, develops a SaaS that allows users with limited technology experience to create and manage iOS apps. We have 200 invites for TechCrunch readers with the code “TechCrunch” here.

Red Foundry’s software allows users to create professional-looking iPhone and iPad apps that include menus, RSS feeds, images, videos, maps and more. Apps have built in sharing options like Twitter, Facebook, email, and comments and include a built-in storage and delivery solution.

The platform allows you to visualize test apps, handle remote content updates without requiring app resubmission, and features a one-click submission to the App Store. And Red Foundry handles all the logistics with the App Store approval process.

Beyond just being able to create and publish apps, Red Foundry also includes analytics, which allows activity reporting by timeframe, geography, loyalty, device, app version, and more. And the software features the ability to deliver push notifications to apps targeted by location, social activities and more.

Of course, the mobile app development space is chock full of competitors including Mobile Roadie, iSites, and AppMakr.

But Red Foundry is hoping to differentiate itself by moving away from the consulting business, meaning the startup’s software automates the development the apps and Red Foundry doesn’t actually participate in the creation process. And the startup says that its platform is so easy to use that users with no development experience can create and manage apps. The company is currently close to signing deals to license the software to several big-name media companies.