Panasonic GF2 Spotted On Banner; Announcement Expected Tomorrow

Panasonic’s successor to the successful micro four-thirds GF1 is due to be announced tomorrow at the Salon de la Photo show in Paris, if the banners hanging around the venue are any indication. The new camera looks to be smaller and thinner than its predecessor, but not much is actually known.

It’s rumored to be 12 megapixels (the same sensor as the G2) but beyond that specs are unknown. It’s almost certainly the same lens mount, by which measure you can determine the size of the new camera – it’s less tall and looks to have lost a bit of its thickness as well.

We’ll find out more tomorrow — I don’t expect anything crazy, just slightly improved capabilities (frame rate, shot turnaround, screen res) in a smaller, lighter package.

Update: Clearer pictures. I can’t tell the mm on that lens, though.

[via Photo Rumors]