Just Four Dudes Jamming On The Subway — With Their iPhones As Instruments [Video]

A lot is said about the Apple marketing machine. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that their ads are effective. But someone just one-upped them — with their own products.

Apparently, the band Atomic Tom was just riding the New York subway yesterday and got a little bored. So all four members decided to whip out their iPhones and put on a little impromptu concert for everyone else on the train. The result is fairly amazing.

Alright, so clearly all of this was planned — I’m not buying the “band had their instruments stolen” angle. The band had their iPhones hooked up to to some sort of speaker system — oh, and someone was clearly filming and got it up on YouTube awfully fast (under their official account). But still, the end result is what matters, and this is a brilliant. The video only has 300 or so views right now, but I get the feeling it’s going to have a lot more shortly. And the band was smart to link to their song on iTunes from the YouTube page.

The band also posted an account from an apparent bystander who was on the train when they started rocking:

“I saw Atomic Tom perform on the B train today… at first i thought they were going to bomb the train, but then they started playing and i was like ‘i love new york!’ liked them so much, i asked a stranger for the band name.” – Brittany Tucker

If I were Apple, I would buy this video and put it on television. Like, tomorrow.