Not A One-Trick Pony? Three Key Numbers Google Really Wants Us To Know

Google did something pretty interesting during their Q3 earnings call today: they gave some actual break-out numbers. Google CFO Patrick Pichette noted that this isn’t something Google has done before, nor do they plan to do it in the future, but he wanted SVP of Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg to share three big numbers that Google is particularly proud of. So what are the three numbers?

Display ad run rates, YouTube monetizable views, and mobile revenues. All three numbers are in the billions, Rosenberg noted.

Rosenberg brought up the fact that people keep asking what the next billion-dollar business is for Google. “It’s display and it’s already here,” he said. Google is looking at a $2.5 billion run rate for non-text display ads, he specifically said.

He then moved on to YouTube. The world’s largest online video platform is now monetizing 2 billion views per week, Rosenberg said. For some perspective, there are about 2 billion total views per day through the service. This monetization rate is up 50 percent year-over-year. These numbers have been previously reported.

The final number that Rosenberg wanted to share was one billion. As in, the annualized run rate on mobile for Google is now one billion dollars. “It’s the future of search on the Internet,” Rosenberg said. He said that mobile search queries have grown five times over the past couple of years. And recently Android is fueling this.

And finally: “All of these businesses are growing,” Rosenberg concluded with. Obviously, this is all in response to the growing concern that Google is a one-trick pony when it comes to making money (text-based ads). That’s already not the case, is Google’s perspective.