Search Gets Social: Facebook To Appear At Tomorrow's Bing Event

Tomorrow morning Microsoft is holding a special event to showcase some new features of its Bing search engine (and yes, they have more up their sleeves than the nifty HTML5 demos they showed off a few weeks ago). And we’ve just gotten word that the Bing team will be accompanied by Facebook where they’ll “talk about the new directions and future opportunities of search and a demonstration of some new search innovation by Bing.” In other words, expect some new Facebook integration into Bing.

Bing first announced its deal with Facebook a year ago, continuing the longstanding relationship between the two companies. But the integration hasn’t amounted to much yet — Facebook is supposed to give Bing access to users’ ‘Everyone’ updates, but so far as I can tell this still hasn’t been integrated.

I’m guessing that we’re going to see that change tomorrow. I’m also guessing that Bing will become a new partner for Facebook’s Instant Personalization program, which would allow it to show updates from your friends with no authentication procedure required.

Note that Google has done its own social integrations displaying results from your ‘social circle’, but it doesn’t have access to as much Facebook content as Bing does.