Twitter CEO: Country-Specific Advertising Coming Early 2011

Dick Costolo, former COO and now #newtwitterceo, told The Telegraph in an interview that he and the rest of the company’s shareholders are shocked – shocked! – that anyone even dares suggest they just might be open to selling Twitter.

Ok, those aren’t his exact words, but he denies claims that his promotion means that the company is being prepped for a sale, and that both he and co-founder Evan Williams have gone that road before (having both sold a company to Google) and are not looking to repeat that particular trick.

What else is he going to say, really?

Anyway, now that we’ve established that Twitter wants to take over the world independently, here are in-my-humble-opinion more interesting nuggets of news from the interview: you can expect to see country-specific ads on Twitter as from “early next year” and the company subsequently plans to expand with offices in other parts of the world.

Costolo reveals that Twitter will soon be able to serve country-specific advertising through its Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends products (Promoted Accounts wasn’t mentioned although I suspect it could be part of the initiative too) in a couple of months.

In addition, the company intends to “start thinking about where to set up offices and place people around the world” after that roll-out is complete. Despite its high usage numbers around the world, Twitter still only boasts one office, in San Francisco (where it is looking for a bigger boat as its growth accelerates).

Care to venture a guess where in the world Twitter will establish local offices?