Leaked Pic: The Full Line Of Angry Birds Plush Toys

We are somewhat obsessed here with the iPad game Angry Birds (and really, who isn’t?). When we first caught wind that the Finnish company behind the game, Rovio, will be branching out into movies and plush toys, we were intrigued. When we obtained photographic evidence of one of these toys, we were ecstatic. (Not Dancingerick.com ecstatic, but pretty excited nonetheless).

Now we’ve got a photo of the entire line of Angry Birds plush toys, courtesy of Rovio’s U.S. adviser, Peter Levin, who is also the CEO of GeekChicDaily (which I wrote about here). He’ll be showing off the whole line of toys at the Big Apple Comic Con this weekend in New York City.

The toys will be available this holiday season, and some of them will be available as in-app purchases in the iPhone and iPad games.