Bob Pittman Plunks Some Cash Into Fanboy Newsletter GeekChicDaily

The email newsletter may seem like an anachronism in this age of Web media, but the inbox persists as a favorite filtering mechanism for millions of readers. It’s a niche media model that is proving itself with email newsletters such as DailyCandy, Thrillist, and Tasting Table. Former MTV and AOL exec Bob Pittman is a man who has invested in all three of these, and is now plunking some cash into GeekChicDaily, a daily email aimed at 18-34 year old men looking to feed their “inner geek.” Pittman joins former Sony Pictures CEO Peter Guber and other series A investors to bring the total capital raised in the series A to about $1.5 million.

GeekChicDaily co-founder Peter Levin calls Pittman the “most successful investor in newsletter space.” The newsletter audience may be smaller than the general Web audience, but it makes up for it in focus and loyalty. GeekChicDaily reaches about 425,000 opt-in readers a month.

If Thrillist is the new Details, doling out advice to young men about where to go out and what to wear, GeekChicDaily concentrates more on videogames and pop culture. “My guys want to know when are the new levels coming out for Modern Warfare,” says Levin, “or what happened behind the scenes at the Lost finale.” He thinks GeekChicDaily serves a completely different audience than Thrillist’s wannabe-hipsters. He is going after the fanboys instead. For instance, the newsletter recently featured a barbeque mitt in the shape of the space slug from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back which tried to swallow the Millenium Falcon.