Why Did VideoEgg Buy Six Apart? To Create A New Modern Media Empire, Says CEO

The rules of media have completely been broken,” according to Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez. Because we’re no longer living in a world where print media is sold on a newstand and video media is only presented through cable television, everything is changing. And as old companies have to adopt to that change, there are opportunities for new empires to sprout up. And that’s exactly what Say Media is going for — and that’s why VideoEgg bought Six Apart last week, forming this new company.

I sat down with Sanchez the day after the deal was disclosed (we first broke the news of the deal the day before it happened) to get his take on why such a deal makes sense and what it means going forward.

Launched in 2001, Six Apart has been a vital player in the democratization of news and the rise of blogging. Over the years, it had built up a passionate user base, and some of those people are still unclear why what was essentially an advertising network would want to buy the company. Again, the answer is to expand into more than just advertising — to get fully into content as well. Six Apart’s MoveableType and TypePad products are a part of the plan and they will remain intact. It’s about creating a new modern media company, as Sanchez puts it.

Watch above for Sanchez’s thoughts about all of this.